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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  January 30, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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massive area of rain on hd doppler. >> we could beat in for severe weather as the cold front makes its way towards baltimore. >> the good news is the front that is triggering the heavy storms and the potential for severe storms will come through late at night. that will limit the chance for it to pick up the strongest of the storms. what we're dealing with is high winds. high wind advisories are in effect all over the state, and flood watches along the bay. heavy downpours could cause localized flash flooding. this has had a history of producing severe storms yourself and west. we will continue to monitor isolated severe storms pop up. sharper colder temperatures as we head towards the end of the week. details on that coming up in just a little bit. >> thank you, tom.
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you can always track the storm with interactive radar and see pictures and videos of areas that have been affected by the storm at >> < 24 hours after john leopold was convicted, county executives are stepping up to find a replacement. -- less than 24 hours. i understand the meeting went pretty quickly. >> it appears we go from one legal drama to the next. it appears the legal battle lines have been drawn between the executive branch and let -- legislative branch. all depends on when he can be permanently kicked out of office. late this afternoon the county council introduced a measure that will vacate the county executive and force leopold out and begin the process of finding
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a replacement. the county attorney told reporters that resolution is illegal, because it is interpretation of the word "conviction" and whether it begins at the finding of guilt or at sentencing. >> they have no power. they have no authority to remove the county executive or any other official convicted of a crime until the crime -- until the conviction is a matter of record. until the conviction is final. mayor of the wall is very clear that the conviction becomes a matter of record at the time of sentencing. -- maryland law is very clear that the conviction becomes a matter of record at the time of sentencing. >> monday night is when the council will hold a public hearing on the resolution and potentially take a vote. the sentencing has not yet been
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scheduled, but we learned minutes ago that the conference call between the judge and attorneys in the case is happening right now, and possibly a sentencing date will be determined sometime today. >> thank youl. . the principle of a well-born baltimore city prep school is out of a job after acknowledging inappropriate communications with students. 11 news was on the scene at mount st. joe high school trying to gather more details and accusations against barry fitzpatrick. instead we were referred to the school's statement on the website. officials say he is resigning after they discovered what they're calling inappropriate communications with students. city police have since begun an investigation. right now the nature of those communications or on the students involved is still unclear. >> the attorney for the student accused of opening hall inside a cafeteria is trying to have it moved to juvenile court. right now robert gladden jr. is
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charged as an adult. >> the defense attorney told the judge that robert gladden jr. deserves an opportunity, a chance, and he said the 15-year- old would get that in juvenile court and could get treatment if he was sent to a secure, mental health facility. >> his attorney described the seriousness of the case against robert gladden jr., saying he is charged with outrageous conduct. he is charged with attempted first-degree murder, accused of bringing a shotgun to the high school, opening fire, and wounding a special needs students. the shooting happened august 27, the first day of school. he had just turned 17 a few weeks prior. now his attorneys tried to get the case move from adults to juvenile court. the defense attorney mentioned terrible tragedies. he told the judge, this is not
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columbine, this is not newtown. this is a dumb man who made a horrible mistake. he is not an evil person, a young man crying out for help. the attorney claims his client had been bullied and called names such as greek and weird -- freak and weirdo. a psychologist described his extreme people this toward school and said he had a homicidal and suicidal thoughts, believing light was -- life was pointless. also, he which -- wished the situation had never happened. prosecutors asked about a police videotape in which he expressed no remorse. how he was suspended in middle school for making threats and admitted to writing an online death threat, allegedly parting -- targeting a student he a bully.
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one doctor claimed he suffered from a major depressive disorder. we will have more in testimony tomorrow. >> thank you. new at this hour, the co-owner of a popular federal hill restaurant is no longer facing charges of rape. earlier this month when police arrested this man after customer reported being assaulted during a visit to the bathroom inside the restaurant. investigators have been reviewing this surveillance video throughout the month and have a hearing this morning. court officials decided to no longer move forward with the prosecution. today jurors in the michael johnson murder trial heard from a surprise witness we first told you about last week. he is an inmate who claims he saw felicia barns body. tonight prosecutors are asking, can he be believed? at j miller is following that story live downtown. -- jane miller is following that
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story live downtown. >> he is a career criminal. he testified that he called him to the apartment and showed him the body and had to kill her because she would not stop crying after having sex with him. the question is, can he be believed? defense lawyers went after him and got him to admit he is in the business of getting people fraudulent driver's license through his hook up, and they abruptly stopped questioning this witness when he could not get the date rights of the murder. earlier there was very critical testimony in the case from the corners. the coroner who ruled he died of ecstasy at, as much admitted it was a decision by the fall because no other explanation was obvious. a sign of injury, a drug overdose, or illness. her body was pulled from the river in april 2011, four months
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after she disappeared. michael johnson is accused of killing her, but how? the court nor the did the autopsy said she could not determine whether she was strangled or drowned. -- the corner who did althe autopsy said she could not determine whether she was mother, strangled, or drowned. you cannot tell when ecstasy at occurred. she said no, you cannot tell when it happened. then offers offered -- lawyers offered a different theory. so it is possible the lawyer, went on, she could have fallen or jumped into the river, correct? she replied that is correct. a big hole in the state's case against johnson is how she got to the river. nothing about the cause of death bills in the blank. the coroner did help the state
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make one argument that the condition of her body is condition -- consistent with being placed in the river in a container. prosecutors believe he used a blue storage been a similar to this to dispose of her body. the last witness to take the stand today for the state, detective daniel nicholson. he is the lead detective and also of the detective suspended and in trouble for alleged misconduct during the search for its own daughter. his direct testimony finished a few moments ago. we expect very aggressive cross- examination of the detective starting in the morning. >> a man suffering from a gunshot wound is discovered overnight in northeast baltimore, and police believe he was the victim of a shooting that occurred a few hours earlier. authorities say in the 4900 block of marlowe wrote for gunfire. they searched the area but did not discover any evidence of
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shooting. a round 7:45 a.m. they received a 911 col. we're told a man was pronounced dead an hour later at an area hospital. no word tonight on suspect or a possible motive. >> a maryland state trooper is recovering from injuries after amazing week surviving an early morning accident. take a look at the accident. it collided with a tractor- trailer are wrong route 150 in westminster. -- all along route 150 in westminster. no word on what caused the crash. seven people are recovering from a separate accident overnight involving a tractor-trailer. fire officials in prince george's county say that tractor-trailer clear and did a fire truck around 3:00 this morning. we're told a jeep was overturned an accident. four the victims were
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firefighters, one taken to the hospital in critical condition. >> still ahead, a hearing in washington today on gun control. >> gabrielle giffords expected to appear before a senate committee, but much of the testimony centers around jim johnson and what he had to say. take the temperature has dropped in new orleans, but the excitement is heating up. -- >> the temperature has [ regina ] i got it when we could download an hd movie
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february 2nd. go to today. and see why millions have switched to america's fastest, most consistent, most reliable internet. contact the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. >> well ravens fever is growing here in baltimore and in new orleans. >> that it is. after media day yesterday it is back to business af today. we will head up to jerry sandusky. -- gerry sandusky. >> we are not complaining, but the temperature has dropped. we of strong storms that came through today and made the temperatures cooler. the spotlight is still red hot on ray lewis. >> it is a dome, so the weather
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has no impact on super bowl xlvii. ray lewis have an impact. he is polarizing. when he talks, people listen from all over the country. denial on media day did not hit hard enough, he took on sports illustrated. >> i have never said what he said i was supposed to do. it is sad once again that someone can have this much attention on a stage this big. the guy has no credibility. he has been sued at four or five times over the same b.s. just to entertain it, i cannot come i want in truly believe he does not have the privilege for me to speak about it ever again. >> 12 years after his trial in
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atlanta, he must again defend himself in the court of public opinion. john harbaugh made it clear he has nothing to defend with his coaches or teammates. >> there is nothing to it. ray is honest and straightforward. he is told us in the past and telling us now he is never taken any of that step ever. i believe him completely. >> despite the destruction, he chooses not to surrender his enjoyment of the week. his final week as an nfl player. >> you are not angry. you could use a different word. you could use the word agitated. i am here to win the super bowl. i am not here to entertain someone who does not affect that one way or another. >> lewis has sensed a special ending since he announced his retirement, and ending event he referred to a storybook. -- even he referred to a
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storybook. >> when we walk off the field, we know we did everything in our power. for me, that is a heck of a way to go out. >> ray lewis doing the thing he came to town to do. they got started 15 minutes ago at tulane university. that is the one place weather could play a role. rain could complicate things, but as the skies are clear -- as was pointed out, the skies are clear. >> i tried the nfl experience with some kids. there were much better than me. for now, back to you in the studio. >> i am sure you were amazing. thank you. you can watch the ravens' countdown show. gerry sandusky will bring you
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highlights each night at 7:30./ >> now your 11 insta-weather- plus forecast with tom tasselmyer. big storms did roll through the big easy overnight. you can see that on the radar. 72 degrees at 11:00 last night. right around 8:00 this morning the powerful line of thunderstorms track right for new orleans with heavy winds and gusty downpours. now the storms have cleared the area and they're back to sunshine, but a much cooler 60 degrees with the west wind at 18. we are dealing with the same system on the northern end of it. up to 70 degrees today. within 2 degrees of a record that goes all the way back to 1914. the clouds prevented us from reaching the record. look at all the normal stats. it is still unseasonably mild,
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even in areas dealing with grain. temperatures are still 60 degrees near the pennsylvania line. still almost 70 degrees down as all very. -- salsbury. heavy downpours are possible. flood watches cover all of central and western maryland. flood advisories from the eastern shore and bay. heavy downpours could cause quick flooding in some spots overnight. the blue shading is the wind advisory. gusts over 40 miles per hour possible overnight as the line of showers that went for new orleans this morning approaches baltimore this afternoon and tonight. the showers will come through all night long and this may bring down some very strong winds. gusts over 30 are possible through the night. heavy downpours, you might even your thunder. temperature tomorrow morning will be in the 50's. this band of showers is
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developing ahead of a strong cold front. tomorrow that will go through in the morning. it will take the showers out early. behind it, instead of rising, temperatures will be falling all day tomorrow because the air is coming into the mid-atlantic region tomorrow. it will stick around through the weekend. showers up and down the eastern seaboard at 6:00 with the rain changing over to snow and amounts. windy conditions behind the front. gusts of 40 miles per hour. notice the snow showers crossing the bay friday morning. it is possible we could see light showers or flurries. another front brings the chance for light snow showers saturday night into sunday morning. dramatically different weather pattern once the front goes through tonight. 52-57 in the morning tomorrow. temperatures falling. by sunset temperatures around 30. tomorrow small craft advisory.
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gusts to at least 35 knots on the open waters of the bay. western maryland change back to winter with heavy snow showers thursday, friday. friday's high only 15. if you're going to the mound this week and to enjoy the snow, you better be prepared for dangerous wind chills. 58 thursday on the morning and clearing and colder. maybe flurries friday morning. ocean city temperatures will be falling. almost 60 tomorrow in the morning but much colder tomorrow afternoon. flurries possible friday as well. back to winter time. highs only around freezing friday and saturday. snow showers again saturday night into sunday. maybe another weather maker with snow flurries next tuesday. >> tonight maryland health officials admit it was a delayed warning. >> why experts waited nearly a week to sound the alarm about last year's deadly meningitis
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outbreak. take up the governor
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>> in tonight's medical alert, it looks as though maryland health officials put the issue of the deadly meningitis outbreak last year put it on hold. they said officials delayed notifying the public for an entire week. according to health officials that pose no threat to the public as clinics were in -- were instructed to stop giving the injections. they wanted to wait until there was a more precise connection between the shots and meningitis cases. consumer reports breaks into the medical field, releasing a rating for cancer screening tests. after analyzing data from several government studies researchers say screenings for pancreatic, testicular, and ovarian cancer can be avoided for average risk adults because those test may not be able to detect illness until the later
5:26 pm
stages. consumer reports says skin exams and blood test for prostate cancer are not necessary unless someone carries a high risk for disease. among the test that consumer reports deems necessary, screening boat cervical, colorectal and breast cancer -- for a cool, colorectal, and breast cancer. -- cervical. the correct time to vaccinate children for 16 diseases. it also recommends pregnant women receive a whopping pcough ejection during the second trimester. -- injection. kids are not the only ones who need regular vaccines. many adult vaccines go unused. adults over the age of 19 are supposed to get shots for whopping cough, tetanus, but only 13 percent of adults were vaccinated in 2011.
5:27 pm
they are also encouraging some women to get the hpv vaccine after consulting with a doctor. >> after a very brief reprieve from the cold weather, more cold weather headed our way. tracking significant winds and rainfall. we will tell you when it upload it and where when we come back. -- will hit and where when we come back. >>
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>> live, local, late breaking,
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you are watching wbal-tv 11 news at 5:00 with stan stovall and ronald him a pawn -- donna hamilton. your insta-weather-plus forecast with tom tasselmyer. wbal news continues right now. >> welcome back. just four days until the showdown in new orleans. already the things are heating up with the harbaugh bowl drawing more attention than usual. >> light team coverage continues in new orleans. pete, you have picked up some pretty remarkable stories. >> it has been a blast to talk to so many different players. the players really
5:30 pm
wanted to talk to today, torrey smith. >> a great story. it was the way he battled through grief turned out completely remarkable to me. one night removed from the death of his 19-year-old brother, played the light of this came to honor the brother. from the day his brother was killed in a motorcycle crash, embracing ray lewis immediately beating the patriots. on no sleep he took the field and offered arguably the best game of his career, a tribute to kevin smith jones that beautifully honor his memory. he cannot believe it that i cannot believe.
5:31 pm
>> this is like. i do not get caught up on the emotional roller coaster. part of doing that is thing consistent and what you do. >> it is unbelievable. i cannot imagine going through what he went through in handling it as well as he did, even with the people around us. i am sure when he needed someone to lean on, someone was there for him. >> he had many shoulders to lean on, but one in particular. >> we have known each other since maryland. we're real close. we have each other's back. we understand each other. >> he continues to play an honor of his brother. having made it all the way to new orleans, he honors well. another thing joe flacco told me, he is still a little bit faw
5:32 pm
and will get so much better. >> this experience is for everyone, kids included. kids are encouraged for 60 minutes -- to play for 60 minutes today. meet the kind you militar -- pineview students. they are being encouraged to blow off steam nfl-style. >> the ones who did 60 minutes or more for 28 days were the ones able to come to kids today. they just have to prove they did physical activity. >> 3, 2, 1. go. >> they are getting a workout here, too. throwing. catching.
5:33 pm
running obstacles. what are you best up? >> the throwing and catching. -- what are you the best at? i know i am not in middle school, but i am the right size. ready? let's try that again. one more time. maybe i am better at this game. some real athletes were on hand, not just to sign autographs but give one on one pointers on technique. >> we get out here and show the kids how to have fun and play and be active all at the same time. you do not have to play football, but that is what we're promoting today. you can dance, walks. as long as you are getting up and getting active. >> before we left, one quick
5:34 pm
question? who are you rooting for? >> baltimore ravens. >> lots of ravens fans here. that is like a huge playground. the kids had some much fun, and i tried. >> the scope and scale of the entire week is amazing. i cannot wait to see what adventures we will have tomorrow. >> our comprehensive team coverage continues on our website, there you can read previews of the big easy match up and look at slide shows ahead of the big game. click on ravens at the top of the home page. >> our other top story, severe weather such a move through maryland in the next few hours. the insta-weather-plus team tracking rain late this evening. we go straight to tom tasselmyer with the latest
5:35 pm
forecast. >> looking for lightning on here. the thunderstorms are around roanoke. with a friend coming in, just reading from the national service, they may issue a severe thunderstorm watch for parts of virginia, maybe into southern maryland in the next couple of hours arms move in. temperatures near record highs, near 70 degrees. flood watches are up. when it buys trees are out, and we may hear thunder overnight all leading to a big change in temperatures. -- wind advisories are out. >> the southbound lanes of the back open at this hour. this was the view just before 5:00 tonight. the crash involving five vehicles, but cannot confirm any injuries. we are told you should still expect delays in the area as a
5:36 pm
cause significant back up. john leopold now suspended from his position after being found of -- found guilty of misconduct in office. the county council declared an emergency meeting just hours ago to introduce a resolution that would vacate the executive position. that will not be as easy as it sounds. the county attorney says it is not legally possible to vacate and fill the position. a sentencing date has not yet been set. >> a school bus driver shot dead and six-year-old taken and held hostage. >> the scene unfolding in alabama. what the police are calling a waiting game. >> the battle over guns is front and center on capitol hill.
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>> covering the nation tonight, the showdown over gun control begins on capitol hill with powerful testimony today from
5:40 pm
formal capri -- formal congress gabrielle giffords. today she made an emotional plea for stronger gun control laws and her feelings were echoed by baltimore county law enforcement officials. >> i believe addressing all the issues in the president's plan, as well as a comprehensive, universal background check procedure, banning high-capacity magazines in banning the sale of assault weapons, collectively all of these together will create a system. the best way to stop a bad guy from getting a gun in the first place is a good background check. >> the nra is not backing down. the group president testified today that they no longer support universal checks, insisting there is no way to get criminals to go through the system. >> the latest in what has turned into more than a 24 hour standoff in alabama.
5:41 pm
police say a man killed a bus driver and holding a six-year old hostage. he jumped onto a school bus tuesday afternoon and demanded the students get off. when the bus driver refused, he shot and killed the driver and took off with the boy. at last check the initial investigation reveals they are not related. neighbors say he is combative and paranoid. >> a mysterious threat for whole food shoppers. >> important information about the company's latest recall. >> when in new orleans, the one place you have to go. that story straight ahead. >> showers and thunderstorms
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5:43 pm
>> good afternoon. here is a look at what we're the looking at for 11 news the 6:00. the governor addresses unfinished business in the state of the state address. all roads lead to new orleans for a maryland military family. a look at their unusual path to the super bo
5:44 pm
>> i am really looking forward to this next story because we're visiting one of the favorite places in new orleans. we accrues all over town.
5:45 pm
take of the of been interviewing players and fans and trying of the cajun food. we learned how to make the state's official doughnut. >> a little like guitar picking is just what you would expect to find just out the world famous cafe. >> we are only closed one day out of the year, and that is christmas. all over the world. if you come to new orleans, this is one of the places you must come to. >> they are known for their call faye -- coffee, and of course, beignets. >> the powder, the sugar, the experience is worthwhile, and that is what drives us back. >> hundreds and our are made
5:46 pm
fresh around the clock in a tiny kitchen behind the counter. >> people come to the kitchen and wave at you. >> the shep shows us how it is done. for starting with the batter. -- the chef shows us how it is done. it then runs through the machine. here is where it really begins, perfect beignet is all about the flick of the rewrist. he is kind enough to let me give it a go. >> it went everywhere. try thatight, let's
5:47 pm
again. >> it was beautiful. good job. >> i am going to have to try this now. it looks too good not to eat. that is absolutely delicious. try one. >> boy, they look good. while our reporters are taking a bite of the big easy, nationally eyes will be on baltimore, especially this friday. natalie morales bringing "the today show" to town. they will teach her what it is like to be a true ravens band. we hope you will join us at the amphitheater this friday morning from 5:00 at 7:00 and four the "today" show. >> to our south at least two people are dead after a series of powerful storms pummeled much
5:48 pm
of the south. a tornado was confirmed in tennessee. many people have lost their homes. tens of thousands without power outside nash. there were also tornado warnings in kentucky, alabama, and georgia. >> now your 11 insta-weather- plus forecast with tom tasselmyer. >> a line of storms went further south, all the way down to new orleans. a line of storms when across your liens this morning around 8:00. -- went across new orleans is morning around 8:00. the winds from the west are making it feel quite cool. a definite change in the city. this is the same system that will bring changes our way. will be a cooler weather pattern but very comfortable. partly cloudy daytime temperatures in the 60's.
5:49 pm
definitely a change coming there. the same front bringing the change to new orleans is approaching us tonight. ahead of it we hit 70. we were within two degrees of hitting the record high set back in 1914. everyone in maryland on the warm side of the approaching front. we have flood watches and advisory's covering much of maryland from the mountains to the bay to parts of southern maryland. that means heavy downpours could cause localized flooding overnight. also, wind advisories. gusts over 40. the purple areas on the coast are wind warnings for gusts over 50 at times. a pretty strong cold front will slide right through the baltimore area about 3:00 in the morning. once we get past it, a sharp drop in the temperatures and a quick clearing trend, but much
5:50 pm
cooler. it was a warm all night long. winds from the south gusting to 30 miles per hour. -- it will stay warm all night long. the drop in temperature from 30 in chicago. louisville. and wiin behind the front, a very cold air in southwestern canada. -- very cold air in canada. the rain will be gone in the morning. the skies will be clear. falling temperatures, which leads to snow showers in our area going into friday and even the weekend. the fast-moving clippers and could bring a light snow showers saturday night into sunday morning. big changes. 70 today falling to near 30 by sunset tomorrow evening. gusts near 40 making it feel
5:51 pm
much cooler. teens for the highs in the mountains. flurries are possible friday. much colder weather there. same thing on the coast. close to 60 in the morning with a thunderstorm giving way to clearing skies and may be a query or snow shower friday. say goodbye to the 70 degree warmth. falling temperatures tomorrow. highs around freezing friday and saturday. still chilly monday and tuesday of next week. alert,onight's consumer the u.s. economy shrank significantly from october- december according to the u.s. commerce department, the first time since the recession ended. despite faster growth in consumer spending and business investment. the commerce department says the economy contracted 0.10% in the fourth quarter, as sharp slowdown from the 3.1% growth
5:52 pm
rate. -- a sharp slowdown from the 3.1% growth rate in the prior quarter. the biggest concern now is how consumers will react to the january expiration of a tax cut. wall street already reacting with the dow falling 44 points with the biggest decline in three weeks. the nasdaq and s&p 500 fell 11 points in six points. the next generation of blackberry is in the works, and the company is hoping a major makeover will boost sales. the new blackberry 10 model will offer faster processors, improved cameras. it will maintain the signature keyboard, but the company says r10 will appear to younger customers with a touch screen. both models should be available by april. whole foods recalling alaskan salmon because of the threat of listeria. a sample tested positive for the bacteria.
5:53 pm
the for ounce packages of wild alaskan salmon was sold in stores and a dozen states. they carry the code number 7425 a2298b. listeria can cause a fatal infection in young children, a frail or elderly, or people with compromised immune systems. so far no this is reported. >> a push for what the governor calls better choices this year. highlights of the governor's state of the state address. >> some divine help for the ravens in the super bowl. that story coming up. that story coming up.
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>> well, ravens fans have been pulling out all the stops to ensure a victory in sunday's super bowl. maybe divine intervention is needed. perhaps the sisters of mercy delivering the chairs? cheers. >> if i had any doubt the ravens would win the super bowl, well, there were put to rest at the hospital. -- they were put to rest at st. mercy's hospital. >> they brought their own secret weapon, nuns. they are nuns from the sisters
5:57 pm
of mercy, here to pull their support and divine intervention behind our team. >> i know we are going to win now. >> we are trying hard for them. praying very hard. raying hard for them. >> amen. yes, sir. >> you are guaranteeing we are going to win? >> yes, sir. we are in tehe bowl, we are going to win. >> while there were plenty of others showing support, they have their own a set up their sleeve, the priest. >> this is stacking the deck against the 49 years. we of the sisters and you, father. >> that is too bad for them. god bless them, but we are
5:58 pm
calling to win. -- going to win. >> we went to purple scrubs. >> you have the sisters, priest, doctors. >> we act as a team ourselves. just like the ravens. we try to win with every patient we have. >> if i had any doubt about the ravens winning on sunday, with nuns and a priest on your side, how could you lose? >> all that energy we still have four days to go before the big game. that is all for is 5:00. here's a look a what is coming and it was 6:00. >> of the cold front headed our way. insta-weather-plus next. -- a cold front headed our way. >> the ravens finally have
5:59 pm
themselves a balanced offense. how ray rice handles his role straight ahead. >> you are watching wbal-tv 11. live, local, late breaking. this is a 11 news is 6:00. >> our big story, take a look at the radar as the system is moving above the baltimore area. good evening, everyone. so far it has just been rain, but what can we expect throughout the evening? >> tom tasselmyer has the latest. >> as we look at what is in effect, you will get a feel for what to expect to night. first thing up, there is a flood watch. there could be very heavy downpours. with that goes a wind advisory. a wind warning on the delaware coast to new jersey. the showers are seen coming in on hd doppler, they contain a lot of rain and gusty winds.


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